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Soup of the Day £4.95 - Served with a Crusty Roll

Salmon & Dill Fishcakes £7.50 - 2 Luxury fishcakes made with Atlantic Salmon, Potato, Fresh Dill, Lemon and Parsley; served with a Salad Garnish

Garlic Mushrooms £6.25 - Fresh sliced mushroom, cooked in garlic & cream served with a warm crusty bloomer

Prawn Cocktail £7.75 - North Atlantic Prawns in a Marie Rose Sauce, served on a Bed of Salad with Brown Bread

Vegetable Spring Rolls £5.95 - 2 Vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet chilli dip & salad garnish

Garlic Bread £3.50 

Garlic Bread with Cheese Topping £4.75

Fish Dishes

Large, Crispy Battered Cod £13.50 - Skinless and boneless 8-10oz, hand battered and deep fried. Garnished with A Lemon Wedge & Tartar Sauce

Whole Tail Scampi £12.95 - Whole tail Scampi in Crispy Breadcrumbs, deep fried and garnished with Salad and a Lemon Wedge

Salmon & Dill Fishcakes £10.95 - Pacific Salmon Fillet blended in a creamy Herb Sauce & Rosti Potato, coated in a Light Crumb & garnished with Salad

8-10 oz Fillet of Fresh Poached Cod £13.50 - Skinless and boneless fresh fillet

Creel Prawns £12.95 - Prawns in a hot & spicy breadcrumb deep fried with a seafood dip

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetable Curry £9.25 - Mixed Vegetables in a creamy, mild Curry Sauce

Three Cheese Pasta & Broccoli Bake £9.95 - Pasta Shells and Broccoli in a creamy Cheese Sauce, topped with Three Cheeses

Vegetable Spring Rolls £9.25 - 2 Vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet chilli dip

Meat Dishes

All of our main courses are served with chips, rice, new potatoes or a baked potato, with peas and a salad garnish.

10 oz Welsh Sirloin Steak
£18.50 - Sirloin pan fried with fresh onions & mushrooms

Home-Made Steak & Ale Pie £12.50 - Tender pieces of Steak, simmered in a Guinness Gravy with Onions; topped with Puff Pastry

Home-Made Chicken Curry £10.50 - Whole fillet of Chicken, Tikka & Tandoori Spice in a mild curry sauce

Large Gammon Steak £13.50 - 12oz Gammon Steak, served with a Fried Egg and Pineapple

St Davids Chicken £13.95 - Fillet of Chicken marinade in lemon pepper served in a Creamed welsh cheddar cheese and Leek Sauce

Lamb Shank £15.95 - Shank of Tender Lamb Braised in a Mint & Onion Gravy

Hunters Chicken £13.95 - Fillet of BBQ Marinade Chicken Topped with Bacon, Cheese & a Luxury BBQ Sauce

Sweet Chilli Beef £13.95 - Strips of Rump Steak Pan Fried with Onions Mushrooms & Fresh Peppers in a Sweet Chilli Sauce

Lasagne £10.95 - Layers of pasta with mince beef, béchamel sauce, cream and topped with a welsh mature cheddar cheese


All salads are served with either chips, baked potato or new potatoes.

Prawn £12.95

Tuna £9.95

Home-Baked Ham £10.95


Served in a Bun with a Leaf Salad Fries & Garden Peas.

8oz Steak Burger £10.95

8oz Steak Cheese Burger £11.95

8oz BBQ Steak Burger £12.95  Topped with Cheese, Bacon & BBQ Sauce


Chips £2.95

Chips & Cheese £3.95

Salad Bowl £2.95

2 Rounds of Bread & Butter £1.00

Baguette & Butter £1.60

Gravy £1.50

Peppercorn Sauce £3.75

Children's Choice

All children's meals are £6.75

Sausage, Chips & Peas

Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Peas

Fresh Battered Mini Cod, Chips & Peas

Home-Cooked Ham, Chips & Peas


Banana Split £6.25

Cool Mint Delight £5.85 - Mint choc chip & chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and cream

Chocolate Heaven £5.85 - Chocolate sauce, choc chip ice cream chopped nuts and cream

Caribbean Island £6.95 - Dark Rum with vanilla &Rum & Raisin ice cream Topped with wafers and cream

Mega Feast £10.95 - (For Sharing) 6 Scoops of your choice Topped with wafers, chopped nuts, choc syrup & cream


Flavours include: Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip, Rum & Raisin, Choc Chip, Strawberry.

1 Scoop £2.00

2 Scoops £3.50

3 Scoops £5.25

4 Scoops £6.75

Hot Puddings

All served with Custard, Cream or Ice Cream.

Bread & Butter Pudding £5.50

Lemon Sponge £5.25

Syrup Sponge £5.25

Gooey Belgian Chocolate Pudding £5.50

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